Zoetrope animations (optical illusions) are not visible with the naked eye.
To view the animations you will need a stroboscope app.

Please follow these instructions to enjoy the animated optical illusion:

1)  Download the free app

- For iphone/ipad:

- For android:

2) Place the turntable mat onto the turntable platter.

3) The turntable speed should be set at 33-1/3 rpm and when ready turn it on without dropping the needle onto the turntable mat to avoid damage to the needle.

4) On the Strobe Light Tachometer app, set at 33rpm and to 10 to 20 fps (each design is different), then press the power graphic to turn on device's light which should start strobing.
It takes some adjustment, as each animation has different frame rates, but you will see the magic happen as you higher or lower it. 

5) Making the room as dark as possible will be more effective for the optical illusion to work.

6) Position your device with the strobe light activated over the turntable while the platter with mat is spinning and enjoy!